Rollock Smartlock is Secure

E-keys are much safer than mechanical keys and PIN codes, which easily are leaked to outsiders. Rollock Access service is easy to use. If a phone or NFC tag is lost or foul play is suspected, access rights can easily be removed via the cloud service.

Each transaction also leaves a digital imprint. The passage logs can be checked to see if a possibly stolen or lost access key has been used in any lock.

Encrypted Connections

All contacts between the phone and lock, and the lock and cloud are secure and encrypted. The lock and strike plate are paired, and will only work with each other.

The information connection continues as a digital stream all the way to the lock. Specific encryption keys are unique, so copying the opening command is not possible.

Our servers reside in Finland and are backed up daily. The information security follows the ISO/IEC 2700:2013 standard.

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