Rollock mobile app user instructions

In these instructions there are references to various user roles: In a housing co-op, the “owner” is the landlord or superintendent, and the “user” is the person living in the apartment or requiring access.

Logging in

To log into the Rollock mobile app you need a working internet connection and a registered user account.

  1. Lock user: Ask the lock’s owner for a user account and the access rights to a lock.
  2. E-key user: To use an e-key you need a Rollock Access -user account, which the user or the owner of the lock can create for you.
  3. Lock owner: you may create user accounts in the Rollock Access web service at You will need the lock’s serial number and an activation key to create a user account. ​

After logging in a screen with a green ring is displayed, along with a lock description below. This is the lock where you have user or access rights. If you have several locks, a list icon will be displayed below, opening the list to all the locks you have access to.

Remote opening

The owner of the lock may enable remote opening to a user through the Rollock Access web service.
A green ring is displayed in the starting screen, along with a list icon that opens the list of your locks. Choose the lock you wish to open and click the green ring.

The icon above and to the right of the green ring you may choose between remote and close proximity opening (WLAN or Bluetooth). You may edit the default mode that the app uses through the preferences section of the mobile app.

lose proximity opening with Bluetooth

If you have received an e-key, confirm that your smart device has Bluetooth enabled, and that you are within the Bluetooth range. A green ring is displayed in the starting screen, along with a list icon that opens the list of your locks. 
Each lock has a grey ring icon next to them in the lock list. The icon will turn white when you are inside the lock’s Bluetooth range. After choosing the lock you wish to open, return to the main screen. Click on the green ring to open the lock.

Other features


You may add a lock as a favorite on the settings tab next to the star icon next to each lock on the list, so it will be always listed first. Favorited locks are marked with a yellow star icon.

Locally naming the locks
In the settings tab next to the star icon next to each lock in the lock list you change the name the lock in question is displayed in your list.


Case: login not working

  1. Check that the username and password are correctly written.
  2. Check that the username is activated.

Case: Lock not showing up in app or the list of locks is empty

  1. If you have received an e-key: Click the left upper hand corner tab for “Settings” > “Keys”. Write the key code you have received via SMS into the white text field, click on “Add key”. After this you will see the activated key under the “Keys” screen.
  2. Lock user: Check that your device is connected into the internet and, if required, restart the app. If the list is still not showing the lock, you do not have the user rights to the lock. Ask the lock owner to grant you user rights.

Case: Lock does not open
Wait a short moment and try again. If this does not resolve the problem, check instructions below:

​E-key not working

  1. Check that the Bluetooth on your device is enabled.
    1. If you turn on Bluetooth at this point, restart the app under the “Restart application” tab in the settings.
  2. Check that you are close enough to the lock. The range of your Bluetooth depends on your smart device.
  3. The e-key does not have the rights to access the lock you want. Request for a new e-key.
  4. The e-key has expired. Request for a new e-key.

Remote opening not working, lock user:

  1. Remote opening is not enabled. The lock owner needs to check from the Rollock Access web service that remote opening of the lock is enabled. You see this under “My locks” tab individually for each lock under your control.
  2. ​The lock is not connected to the internet. You may check the connection of the lock under the Rollock Access web service under “My locks”.
  3. Your smart device is not connected to the internet. Check your device’s connection. Restart the application.

Case: Unidentified operational malfunction

  1. Check the internet connection on your smart device and restart the app.
  2. Outdated app version. Update your app to the latest version.
  3. ​Your smart device’s operating system is not compatible with the app. Update your operating system. Operating system minimum requirements:  IOS 9 and Android 5.0 API level 21.
  4. ​Service offline. Check the owner of the lock that the service is operational.

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