The Next Generation Smart Controller

Rollock Smart Controller is a smart NFC reader with Bluetooth and WLAN connectivity. It can be used to control electronic locks and other relay controlled devices. For example, together with motorized lock, you can implement an optimal locking solution for various types of profile doors. Rollock Smart Controller provides you with all the functionality of a Smart Lock. To open the lock, you can use the Rollock Access mobile app, a tag, or any NFC card, encoded as a key. Remote unlocking is also possible via the mobile app. Managing the lock is done in a cloud based web interface, making access management simple and effortless.

Solution for the Smart City

Rollock Smart Controller is a pioneer in the next generation of smart access solutions. The Smart Controller presents a new, easier way to control spaces and buildings. Remotely controlled Rollock Smart Controller makes it possible to create a completely new kind of booking system, as there is no more need to worry about handing over the keys. With the Smart Controller, there is no need to replace the existing infrastructure. Instead, easier access can be set up for spaces where it will benefit the most.

Smart locking makes it possible for the increased use of cleaning, delivery, security and other services when access is required. The Smart Controller also offers an easy way to deploy a light and cost-effective door telephone system for the property.

Important features:

  • NFC, Bluetooth, WLAN
  • Rollock Access
  • Rest API

The datasheet for Rollock Smart Controller can be found on the Instructions & Manuals page.

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