The Next Generation Smart Lock

The new kind of Rollock Smart Lock fits all wooden interior and exterior doors, apartment doors, and condominium doors. Rollock enables a completely keyless access: The Smart Lock can be opened by tapping the Rollock Access mobile app, or by using an NFC identification tag or any other card with NFC capabilities. In addition, the lock can be opened remotely using the mobile app. Access rights management can be handled in the cloud-based web platform, making access control effortless and cost efficient.

Technical Specifications

Rollock Smart Lock W211/W212 requires either 12/24 V low current, or alternatively it can be powered by a PoE cable (Power over Ethernet). The lock will connect to the cloud via WLAN network or via Ethernet/PoE. Using the lock does not require constant Internet access. It is recommended for the lock to be fitted with UPS battery support or a mechanical lock, in consideration of possible blackouts. Rollock Smart Lock contains an indicator light mounting and a handle, along with installation parts.

Rollock Smart Lock Requires its Own Drillings

It is possible to install the Rollock Smart lock in place of a previous lock, but the Rollock Smart Lock requires different fittings. Drilling instructions can be found in the Instructions section. Please contact our Resellers or Customer Service if you’d like to inquire about installing Rollock in an existing door in your property. If you are constructing a new building or renewing the door environment of an existing property, it is a good idea to inform your door supplier beforehand, so you will be able to get your doors with the right drillings.

Important features:

  • Rotating latch
  • NFC, Bluetooth, WLAN, PoE, Ethernet
  • Rollock Access
  • Rest API

The Datasheet for Rollock Smart Lock can be found on the Instructions & Manuals page.

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