Customer: BusinessOulu
Solution: Office
Location: Oulu
Locking: 9 pcs Rollock Smart Controllers

In the office of BusinessOulu – located at Hallituskatu in the City of Oulu – nine Rollock Smart Controllers are being used for everyday access. The Rollock Smart Controllers were deployed with electric locks on the premises in March 2019.

BusinessOulu’s specialist, Tapio Koivukangas, says that Rollock Smart Controllers are easy to use and make everyday access easier. The staff of BusinessOulu are utilizing either a tag, encoded card, and/or the Rollock Access Mobile app to open the locks. Koivukangas states that the benefits of Rollock Controller are realized in cases, where for example trainees need to be given temporary access to the office building. Rollock makes it possible to set access rights for a certain period of time when signing a contract, so there is no need to worry about ending the rights and getting the keys back afterward. Access control is easy and straightforward.

One of the significant factors in choosing the smart lock solution, according to Koivukangas, was the Rollock open API, which allows for Rollock Smart Locks and Controllers to be integrated with other smart solutions on the premises. Rollock is one of BusinessOulu’s partners in the BusinessAsema service complex. BusinessAsema is a 2000 sqm Smart Complex in Oulu set to open in 2020. This will be a place for testing, development, and presentation of digital solutions from various companies.

BusinessOulu is a public utility commercial enterprise that is responsible for development and deployment of the city’s industrial policy. They are also responsible for providing services for growing businesses, conducting regional marketing, and increasing the number of exports, sales, and jobs.

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