Customer: Sonell Oy
Solution: Detached House
Location: Oulu, Finland
Locking: 7 pcs Rollock Smart Locks and 7 pcs Rollock Smart Controllers

The construction of Sonell Oy’s beautiful new complex in Oulu’s Soittajankangas was finished in June 2019. The complex consists of five detached houses and one duplex. After careful consideration, Sonell Oy decided to choose locally manufactured Sonell Smart Locks for the house doors and Rollock Smart Controllers for the garage doors.

When the environment becomes digitized, it’s important for the building sector to consider alternatives to traditional mechanical solutions. Sonell Oy’s CEO Harri Mahala says that with digitization, the building sector has become accustomed to a more comprehensive way of thinking. “For the last 10 years we have been preparing for the coming of electric cars. We believe that the next step will be for locking and access control to move onto fully digital solutions. This will show strongly in building,” he says.

Mikael Heinonen, the superintendent of Sonell Oy says that the innovative Smart Lock System of Rollock was an interesting and new concept in the area of building digitization. Majala says that the final decision to choose Rollock for this complex came from the needs of the end users. “Our purpose was to bring additional value to the residents in the form of easier access. The world is changing: People schedule their goings around their and their children’s hobbies, travels, and work matters. Rollock makes everyday life and access easier,” Majala states.

Sonell Oy is a construction company from Oulu. They produce well planned, high-quality developments. Sonell is a family business which started operations in 1996. Sonell employs more than 100 professionals.

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