Rollock for Detached Houses, Duplexes, or Row Houses

Rollock Smart Lock is suitable for any kind of small house: detached, row house, duplex, or even a cottage or any other type of apartment. Rollock Smart Lock System takes care of all locking needs related to residential buildings, storage rooms, and garages. The smart lock makes everyday living easier as the locks can be controlled remotely: You can remotely open the door while at work, on a holiday trip, or during a jogging session, just with a few taps. This way, Rollock enables access to a modern smart house.

Rollock Smart Lock in a Detached House

Lightweight, Sound Proof and Energy Efficient

The patented, rotating latch of Rollock Smart Lock makes the door lighter, which in turn makes it well suited for use among children and the elderly. Due to this pivoting mechanism, the door will open and close effortlessly and quietly. In addition, it makes the door more compact, which improves energy efficiency and makes the door more soundproof.

Completely Keyless

Mechanical keys are not needed to open a lock anymore. Instead, Rollock Smart Lock can be opened using a mobile app, separate NFC identification tag, or any other card with NFC capabilities, such as bus card or an ATM card that has been encoded to function as a smart key.

Easy to Manage

A lost key is easy to deactivate in the cloud based web interface with just a few clicks. If you need to let someone in your house, you can grant them single-use access privilege via SMS.


If you want to give seasonal access – for example, to your domestic cleaner – you can set them up with access rights during certain weekdays, and even specific hours of the day. With the help of the Mobile app and web interface, you can quickly check to see if the door was accidentally left open in the morning rush. Additionally, you will be able to check the access logs to see, for example, if your child got home safely.

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Remote Controlled

The Smart Lock can be opened remotely via the Rollock mobile app or the cloud based web interface, no matter where you are. For example, if the parcel courier or maintenance personnel arrives at your house while you are still at work, you can remotely open the door for them. Opening is easy: It is done by pressing a button in the mobile app. Alternatively, you can send temporary access via SMS.


Rollock is a secure lock for any kind of house. Access rights can be managed with ease in the cloud based Rollock Access web interface, where you can create or remove keys with just a few clicks. A lost key can be deactivated immediately. A digital fingerprint is made each time a key is used, so it is possible to check if the key has been used after losing it.

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