Say goodbye to traditional keys – the first IoT smartlock-equipped apartment building rises in Helsinki

The Rollock smartlock connects to cloud services

A new tenement is being completed in Helsinki this summer, installed with Rollock-IoT-smartlocks. Their modern and simplistic design results in a stylish and unique look. Rollock is the only smartlock in the world where deadbolting, access and design are combined in a single package. This next-generation smartlock sends old-fashioned keys to the history books. The Rollock is opened with an NFC tag or a smartphone and is controlled in a cloud service, making remote opening possible as well. The lock’s features are updated from the cloud. The open REST-interface makes it possible to later add other services as well.

Rollock is the world’s first IoT smartlock

Rollock has revolutionized the door environment with its patented innovations. It is superior in its ease of use, and the rotating latch technology creates a whole new standard for accessibility. Traditional electronic locking is a complex package, making a door a heavy and expensive investment. With the Rollock, all the features are integrated into a smart strike plate, removing the need for any exterior reading equipment or keypads, making the door also light to open and close easily.

Rollock is a Finnish innovation

Rollock will change the world. We want to make the act of stepping through a door an experience, and ensure that all the new smart home services that require access control work safely and efficiently.

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