Locally Made, Easy-to-Use and a Secure Smart Lock

The Rollock Smart Lock System makes everyday access and living easier than ever before. You no longer have to schedule your goings around the arrival of a package courier or your children’s school schedule. Rollock allows you to unlock the door securely, even from across the world.

Smart Locking Solutions

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Rollock Gives Freedom to Your Movement

Rollock is a Finnish smart lock that has digitalized the door environment with its patented innovation. Rollock sets you completely free you from traditional, mechanical keys, so you no longer have to worry about forgetting to take the keys with you when you leave the house. The door can be opened by smartphone or even an NFC commuter card encoded as a key.

If you are not home for the arrival of a friend or parcel courier, you can open the door remotely by simply pressing a button in your Rollock app. As a result, Rollock gives freedom to your movement in many ways. On top of that, key management has been made extremely easy with a cloud-based management platform.

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