A Finnish Smart Lock Manufacturer

Rollock is a Finnish smart lock system that is manufactured in Finland. It was founded 10 years ago by two brothers with an idea to combine traditional locking with the possibilities offered by digitization. Being completely digital, keyless, and having a technically superior latch has made Rollock an innovative and awarded entity in the market. Today, Rollock is run by a group of entrepreneurs with experience in the building and technology sectors. They are united by the desire to grow the company into the market leader of keyless access.

Rollock Brings Digitalization into Living and Premises

Car doors were digitized a long time ago. That is why Rollock decided to bring this new kind of locking technology into buildings to make everyday life easier. Rollock has gone through a significant product development process that resulted in top-of-the-class Rollock Smart Lock Solutions in terms of usability and design. Our Smart Lock has the Key Flag and Design from Finland badges, that signal of Finnish quality. Our headquarters are located in Kajaani, where we also have our manufacturing plant and data center.

Today, the Rollock smart locking system is available through dealers all over Finland. Rollock makes everyday life and access easier by providing small houses, apartment buildings, offices, and other public spaces with innovative smart locking solutions. Our goal is to make access an experience, bring additional security into homes and simply making everyday life easier.

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