Customer: Lehto Group
Solution: Apartment Building
Location: Tampere
Locking: Complete Rollock Smart Lock System

Located in the district of Härmälä in Tampere, a new kind of completely keyless apartment building by the name of Oy Tampereen Tuohi is being built. The locking of this deco-themed building, constructed by Lehto Group, Oyj is being taken care by the Rollock Smart Lock System. Rollock enables keyless living and access to the whole apartment building complex. The complex is currently under construction and is estimated to be complete between 11/2019 and 01/2020.

Rollock Smart Lock system will cover all the needs of the complex: It is being used for the entrances, public spaces, and individual apartment doors. The smart lock can be controlled remotely, removing the need for door phones. Opening the door is possible from a mobile app or a cloud based web interface with just a few clicks.

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